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Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set Столовый набор из 3 шт

Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set Столовый набор из 3 шт
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 Столовый набор из 3 штук, фирмы Дисней и Thinkgeek. Качество отличное, в набор входит ложка,вилка и нож. В наличии всего 2 набора!
Use the Fork, Luke

We´ve had lightsaber chopsticks for a while now and also grilling implements, but maybe you´re looking for a way to infuse your everyday meals with more Star Wars. We have the solution for you: our Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set.

Make every meal a little bit more more civilized with this set of 3 utensils featuring lightsaber handles. The fork features Luke´s lightsaber hilt, the spoon features Yoda´s, and the knife features Vader´s. We were pondering whether the choice of implements for the characters indicated anything, like the knife is there to tear things apart, but we couldn´t really make any connections. Except that Yoda´s really old. He probably likes pudding. Pistachio.

Note: These are the hilts only. They do not light up. They are not "actual" lightsabers. This is for the best. It´d be hard to use a fork that cut things every time you went to skewer it. And imagine trying to eat ice cream with a lightsaber spoon....

Product Specifications

Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set
Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
Materials: Stainless steel & food-grade ABS plastic flatware set
Fork - Luke´s lightsaber hilt, 8 1/4" long
Spoon - Yoda´s lightsaber hilt, 7 1/2" long
Knife - Vader´s lightsaber hilt, 8 3/4" long
Weight: < 2 oz. each
Includes 1 fork, 1 spoon, and 1 knife
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Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Set Столовый набор из 3 шт
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