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Книга на англ. яз. It´s all about Him, Colette Caddle, 516 c.

Книга на англ. яз. It&acutes all about Him, Colette Caddle, 516 c.
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 "It´s all about Him"
Автор: Colette Caddle
Издательство: Simon & Schuster UK
Количество страниц: 516
Язык: английский

Following the premature death of her parents, 19-year-old Dee Hewson puts her college plans on hold to go travelling with her boyfriend, Neil. All goes well until they reach Las Vegas, where Neil develops a dangerous addiction to gambling. After two years of their rootless, nomadic existence, Dee awakes to find Neil gone, along with her credit cards, the diamond ring he´d bought her in San Francisco and her father´s watch. Devastated, Dee returns to the family home in Dublin to pick up the pieces of her old life. Still in shock at what happened, the discovery that she´s also pregnant is the icing on the cake. But baby Sam turns out to be the one positive thing to come out of Dee´s relationship with Neil. After trying and failing at a number of part-time jobs, Dee discovers a talent for cooking and eventually sets up her own catering business, finally daring to find love again with the steadfast Conor Fitzgerald. But the publicity generated by her success has an unwelcome side-effect: the return of the feckless Neil. Amazed and delighted to discover he´s a father, Neil wants to be a part of Sam´s life. Dee feels she has no choice but to agree. Surely having his dad in his life can only be a good thing for Sam. Or can it?
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Книга на англ. яз. It´s all about Him, Colette Caddle, 516 c.
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