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ARENA, Britannia by Simon Scarrow, книга на английском языке

ARENA, Britannia by Simon Scarrow, книга на английском языке
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  ARENA is a Sunday Times bestselling novel from Simon Scarrow, author of CENTURION, THE GLADIATOR and BRITANNIA, and T.J. Andrews. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell.  
It is AD 41. The city of Rome is a dangerous place.  
Optio Macro of the Second Legion, recently decorated for courage on the battlefield, can´t wait to leave the teeming city behind. He´s dismayed when he´s compelled to stay in Rome to train Marcus Valerius Pavo, a young gladiatorial recruit.  
Though fearless Pavo has fought for his life before, he´s a novice in the arena. But he´s a driven man, with a goal dearer than survival - to avenge his father´s death at the hands of a champion gladiator. Will he live to face his nemesis?  
ARENA has previously been published as five separate ebook novellas. This print edition brings the complete series together.  

 Количество страниц — 504.  
 Автор — Simon Scarrow  
 Жанр — исторический роман  

Simon Scarrow´s veteran Roman soldier heroes face a cunning and relentless enemy in BRITANNIA, the unforgettable fourteenth novel in the bestselling Eagles of the Empire series.  
Roman Britain, AD 52. The western tribes prepare to make a stand. But can they match the discipline and courage of the legionaries?  
Wounded Centurion Macro remains behind in charge of the fort as Prefect Cato leads an invasion deep into the hills. Cato´s mission: to cement Rome´s triumph over the natives by crushing the Druid stronghold. But with winter drawing in, the terrain is barely passable through icy rain and snowstorms.  
When Macro´s patrols report that the natives in the vicinity of the garrison are thinning out, a terrible suspicion takes shape in the battle-scarred soldier´s mind. Has the acting Governor, Legate Quintatus, underestimated the enemy? If there is a sophisticated and deadly plan afoot, it´s Cato and his men who will pay the price...  

 Количество страниц — 461.  
 Автор — Simon Scarrow  
 Жанр — исторический роман  

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ARENA, Britannia by Simon Scarrow, книга на английском языке
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