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 the rough guide to Switzerland
The Rough Guide to Switzerland tells you all there is to know about this beautiful and varied country. The 36-page, full-colour section introduces all of Switzerland´´s highlights, from snowboarding in the Alps and sampling swiss wine to the country´´s Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles.  The guide includes extensive listings of the all the top places to eat, drink and stay, whatever your budget, plus brand-new ´´author picks´´ to highlight the very best. There is plenty of practical advice on outdoor pursuits, including where to find the best mountain walks and most scenic ski resorts. The guide takes a detailed look at Switzerland´´s history, wildlife and culture and comes complete with maps and plans for every region.

 Количество страниц — 631
 — Matthew Teller  
Цена 250 грн
The Ionian Islands  
The Rough Guide to The Ionian Islands is the most comprehensive guidebook to this beautiful island group. From the Loggerhead turtles at Laganás Bay and windsurfing off Vassilikí to the churches in Lefkádha and sampling the local Rombola wine; twenty-four, full-colour pages highlights all the ´things-not-to-miss´.  The guide includes listings of all the top hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants, to suit every budget, plus new ´authors´ picks´ to highlight the very best options. There is plenty of practical advice to help you make the most of the many activities available throughout the islands, plus comprehensive information on ferry and bus services, with features on mainland ports and day-trips. The guide comes complete with maps and plans covering the core islands and towns.  

 Количество страниц — 318.  

 Автор — Nick Edwards, John Gill  
Цена - 155 грн  

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The Ionian Islands книга на английском языке
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