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The workhouse girl by Dilly Court, книги на английском языке

The workhouse girl  by Dilly Court, книги на английском языке
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Beatrice Lacey, as strong-minded as she is beautiful, refuses to conform to the social customs of her time. Destined to lose her heritage and beloved Wideacre estate once she is wed, Beatrice will use any means necessary to protect her ancestral name. Seduction, betrayal, even murder—Beatrice’s passion is without apology or conscience. “She is a Lacey of Wideacre,” her father warns, “and whatever she does, however she behaves, will always be fitting.” Yet even as Beatrice’s scheming seems about to yield her dream, she is haunted by the one living person who knows the extent of her plans...and her capacity for evil.  

 Количество страниц — 622, есть дефект, кто-то вместо закладки отрывал полосочку от страницы, смотрите предпоследнее фото

 Автор — Philippa Gregory  

 Жанр — историческая проза  

The Workhouse Girl
Circumstances force eight-year-old Sarah and her widowed mother to enter the notorious St Giles and St George’s Workhouse.  
When her mother dies in childbirth, the independent-minded Sarah falls foul of the workhouse master, Trigg and his cruel wife.  
Sarah’s ordeal seems to be over when a sugar mill owner takes her into his home.  
But her wealthy benefactor reports Trigg and his wife. And blaming Sarah for their misfortune, in a fit of revenge, the couple decide to take the law into their own hands.  

 Количество страниц — 472.  

 Автор — Dilly Court  

 Жанр — исторический роман

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The workhouse girl by Dilly Court, книги на английском языке
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