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Girls to Total Goddesses by Sue Limb, книги на английском языке

Girls to Total Goddesses by Sue Limb, книги на английском языке
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 Absolute Torture
Disaster! Jess tried to hide her horror. Her mum frowned. ´What´s wrong, sweetheart? It´s what you´ve always wanted!´  
Jess´s mum has finally given in and arranged a trip to see Jess´s dad. But this is so the wrong moment: Jess has just got it together with Fred, and in an incredibly romantic way he has scraped money together to get them both tickets to the hottest music festival .  . . but instead Jess is going on a road trip with her mum and her grandmother (and her grandfather, but he doesn´t quite count as he is ashes in an urn).  
Jess is keen to keep in touch with Fred by text while she is away, but after a while he just stops responding. And her best friend Flora is now going to the exact same music festival Jess was supposed to go to! Jess can´t help her paranoia about Fred working overtime. If Jess isn´t careful, her worries are going to completely spoil her much-wanted visit to her dad. But when she gets there, it turns out that everybody has a surprise for each other. Needless to say, some work out better than others . . .  
In this sequel Sue Limb has surpassed herself. The writing is still fresh, funny and effervescent, but at the same time Sue has captured the difficult, prickly but, above all, loving relationship between a daughter and her parents.  

 Количество страниц — 272.  

 Автор — Sue Limb  

 Жанр — современная проза  

Girls to Total Goddesses  
Zoe and Chloe have a mission: to transform themselves into goddesses in seven days (or thereabouts anyway - eight if they need the extra time). But who for? Zoe has a horrible dilemma. Having hated the horrible Beast for making Chloe´s life a misery, Zoe has now realised that all was not as it seemed. When Beast came to both their rescue, Zoe´s heart was completely overturned.  But Zoe has told him she never wants to see him again. And how can she get him back without upsetting Chloe? And - more importantly - how can she compete with the gorgeous new girl on the scene, Charlie, with her trim hips, speckly eyes, fabulous mascara and tawny skin? The Goddess Project just got even more complicated . . .  

 Количество страниц — 313.  

 Автор — Sue Limb  

 Жанр — современная проза  

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Girls to Total Goddesses by Sue Limb, книги на английском языке
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