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Английские сказки о ферме Farmyard Tales Usborn
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 Английские сказки о ферме Farmyard Tales Usborn  
 В каждой книге 16 страничек  
 Featuring plenty of farmyard fun and frolics, the Usborne Farmyard Tales Collection includes 20 mini paperbacks that are perfect for little hands and minds. They have a line of text for children to read at the top of each page, and a more detailed line for adults to read that expands the story at the bottom. With clear and detailed illustrations from Stephen Cartwright and simple yet compelling tales written by Heather Amery, these story books maintain an air of familiarity that little ones are sure to find compelling.
  • Camping Out
  • Pig Gets Stuck
  • Scarecrow´s Secret
  • Barn on Fire
  • The Snow Storm
  • Dolly and the Train
  • The Naughty Sheep
  • The New Pony
  • The Silly Sheepdog
  • The Hungry Donkey
  • The Grumpy Goat
  • Tractor in Trouble
  • Kitten´s Day Out
  • Surprise Visitors
  • The Runaway Tractor нет в наличии
  • Market Day
  • Pig Gets Lost
  • Rusty´s Train Ride
  • Woolly Stops the Train
  • The Old Steam Train
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Английские сказки о ферме Farmyard Tales Usborn
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